Award Window Commercial Window Cleaning & Property Services

High-Rise and commercial window cleaning services are both our specialty and focus.

Award Window Cleaning Services Inc. has an extensive list of clientele, including several high rise and commercial businesses in Grand Rapids and greater West Michigan area. Our commercial window cleaning professionals ascend, rappel, and clean high rise and large building windows with safety and quality as our top priority. Our services range from Holland, Michigan window cleaning services to Flint, Michigan solar panel washing.

Here at Award Window Cleaning Services Inc. we understand the responsibility that comes with owning a high rise or commercial building. We never take our job as your window cleaner lightly and pride ourselves in our window cleaning skills. Award Window Cleaning Services Inc. also strives to maintain a lasting relationship with each of our clients, offering them the best customer service and fairest prices.

Our employees are highly trained and provide top of line services while keeping safety a first priority. Whether we are executing a solar panel cleaning, residential window washing service or high-rise cleaning service, we maintain the proper practices for each job. When dealing with high-rise window cleaning we have technicians that are certified in boom lift and scissor lift operations. These individuals are trained to perform daily lift activities and site inspection of each business location.

Award Window Cleaning Services cuts no corners when it comes to our experience and training methods, which is why we have become Michigan's premiere window cleaners. It's our job to ensure the safety and small details of the project. This way you can relax knowing that you've hired the best company in town.

Commercial Building Services

Award Window Cleaning Services Inc. specializes in tall and small office building's including commercial or corporate facility window cleaning. We are experienced and happy to communicate with management teams and companies, maintained mangers, and procurement officers about how we can provide the clear choice for your facility.

High Rise Services

No matter how tall, we are ascending and scaling your building with the most advanced and safest equipment, procedures, and personnel. Our team specializes in high-rise window cleaning for any size structure.

Power Washing

Sidewalks, driveways, decks, siding, sheds, pole barns, and more. A careful hand is needed and powerful pressure is not always the answer and often a no no. Our experienced staff will go over the options and alternatives to best determine the right way to clean it up.

High Access Dusting

Do you have a dust bunny or two you have been watching grow for some time now and are not sure how to get up there to shoo those bunnies away? We can access those bunnies and take them home with us without much fuss just call us.

Light Fixture Cleaning & Bulb Replacement

Have you ever asked yourself " What were they thinking? How am I going to get up there?" We asked that very same question and realized that we are the answer.

Industrial, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Office Facilities, Parking lots & More.

Solar Panel Cleaning

The external surfaces of your solar panels are designed to capture sunlight and convert that to usable electricity so anything that hinders the ability of the panels to capture sunlight will decrease the amount of generated electricity. This decrease will cut into your energy savings.

Prep For Sale

Need someone to clean up the mess after moving? Want to get the most $$$ for your facility? We clean it up, take out the trash, do some painting, trim the trees, cut the grass, make it presentable. Request a call today....

Glass Restoration

Glass can collect minerals and run off from roof tops or run off from masonry like brick and concrete, causing staining. Another big cause is insufficient maintenance/ cleaning creating a mineral stain on the glass. In many cases products can be found to restore the glass and/or window frames saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs to the building owners. Below are some before and after photos of a project that we saved the property owner over $100,000.00 in replacement costs. After we restore the glass or frames we use a protecting product to keep the glass from re-staining.

In this case product is applied and buffed to restore shine.

Scaffolding is used to insure that the right amount of pressure can be applied when buffing. In many cases the frame work around the windows will also require restoration.

After restoration, "protect-ants" can be applied to protect glass from re-staining and if re-staining does occur, the stain can be easily removed.