Safety Is Our First Priority

Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc. takes safety very seriously. Our number one priority for our clients and staff is safety. To ensure the highest standards on the job we take the following precautions and implement the following policies, rules, and/or regulations:

From the start

  • Applicants are screened using background checks, checking with past employers, calling references, and a thorough interview process to determine and ensure we are working with a safe and responsible workforce.
  • We have a felony policy in place that regulates who can be employed.
  • All employees are required to maintain a valid driver's license.

High levels of training

Prior to starting to clean windows employees must spend 10 hours watching International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) safety training videos and pass quizzes relating to videos by at least 90%.

We have a stair stepped training process that follows the IWCA basic safety training program and requires employees to pass each level test with no less than 90% before moving to the next step.

Our lift operators are certified trained card holders in boom lift, and scissor lift operations. This training is not in house training. We send our window cleaning technicians to a certified lift training class for hands on, and classroom training. They are trained to perform daily lift and site inspections using inspection forms. which they sign and date prior to any lift use for safe lift operations.

Rope Decent System (RDS) training again starts with IWCA Volume 1 - Edition 3 Rope Descending Systems and passing the test with no less than 90%. The next step is working with a veteran and certified Rope Decent person training in our shop learning rope inspection, equipment inspection, PPE Inspection forms, knot tying, barricading work areas, self rescue and more.

Continued training is very valuable and important to keep safety up front in the minds of our employees. We have monthly safety meetings with testing on safety topics like Fall Protection, Hazard Awareness, First Aid, Ladder Use, Basic Safety & Equipment inspection. We also have a start up refresher training prior to a new season , Job site meetings and customer policy meetings.

Policies & Procedures

  • We have a zero tolerance smoking policy on or near customer property.
  • We do not allow texting or use of cell phones except by supervisory staff while suspended from a building.
  • All window cleaners must sign off on each critical safety precaution when working on any elevated structure, lift, or suspension equipment.
  • PPE inspection sheets, Roof rigger inspection sheets & Lift inspection sheets are all required to perform any work that requires this type of equipment. Each employee fills out forms and signs their name with the date and their location prior to using the equipment.
  • Weather is always a major concern when working from heights. Our standard states that we can work in up to 20 mph sustained winds; however, we seldom allow work to continue in such conditions. Our operations manager and crew leader's will evaluate the wind on site and determine if safety or quality will be compromised. We look at weather forecasts throughout the day to help determine safe working conditions for all of our employees. Depending on the size and location of your building we may be able to continue work out of the wind.